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29 November 2021

Main construction activities for ZEELINK compressor station in Legden get underway

Following planning approval granted by the district government in Münster for the ZEELINK compressor station in Legden on 9 August 2021, a number of activities on site were started. Preparations including site surveying have already been completed.

25 November 2021 / Cooperation

Production of biomethane from biogenic residues

Demonstration plant to be built in Goldenstedt

29 October 2021

OGE completes its L-to-H-gas conversion activities scheduled for 2021

Alle für das laufende Jahr geplanten Umstellungsaktivitäten von L- auf H-Gas bei der OGE wurden erfolgreich abgeschlossen. Im Netzgebiet der OGE wurde die Versorgung von insgesamt rund 260.000 Gasgeräten auf H-Gas umgestellt.

13 October 2021 / Cooperation

A project lead by 14 European gas infrastructure operators and associations will boost new technologies to curb methane emissions

The European Gas Research Group (GERG) has kick-started a first-of-its-kind research project to test the most promising site level technologies to quantify methane emissions in midstream assets, thereby reaffirming the crucial role of gas infrastructures in the energy transition.

23 September 2021 / Cooperation

Gas companies present the Central European Hydrogen Corridor

Four leading Central European gas infrastructure companies have joined forces to develop a hydrogen highway through Central Europe.

7 July 2021 / Cooperation

Wilhelmshaven can become a hub for the German and European hydrogen economy

Wilhelmshaven is ideally placed to become an important hub for hydrogen. Several large-scale projects are planned here for this promising energy source, which is set to become a mainstay of the energy transition.

15 June 2021 / Cooperation

New study: Sufficient hydrogen available within reach of the European Hydrogen Backbone

The European Hydrogen Backbone (EHB) initiative will today present a study on future demand, supply and transportation of hydrogen within Europe.

1 June 2021 / Cooperation

Transmission and distribution system operators develop "Zukunft RuH2r" project to build an efficient hydrogen infrastructure

Pipeline companies plan to create hydrogen infrastructure in the key region between the Ruhr area and southern Westphalia. Climate-neutral energy supply for interested consumers in industry, transport and the buildings sector.

27 May 2021

Network tariffs for Trading Hub Europe published

Uniform postage stamp tariffs determined for the new Trading Hub Europe (THE) market area from 1 January 2022.

6 May 2021 / Cooperation

Gas transmission pipeline and technical installations ready for operation

ZEELINK competes technical commissioning of one of Germany's largest infrastructure projects

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