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26 February 2020
Energy future? The best is yet to come!

Green gases, hydrogen, sun, wind: That's the energy mix of tomorrow.

11 February 2020
Let’s talk about Elenor and Optimus. 

Video interview with two experts who tell us about their assignments with OGE’s mobile compressors. It’s a daily routine that is full of surprises.

10 February 2020
Rehearsing a scenario — so that it doesn’t happen.

Serious problems with the supply of gas? Only in theory, because in practice we have dedicated professionals cooperating across numerous disciplines.

10 February 2020
Gas makes better electricity

An interview with Andreas Rimkus, MdB, on the state of the energy transition.

10 February 2020
Daily life on the construction site

We observed construction work on the "Zeelink" pipeline. This is where all the digging and drilling goes on – and every metre brings a new surprise.

10 February 2020
A trip to the living lab in a hydrogen-powered car

In Schleswig-Holstein we are testing the future of sector coupling. We went to take a look – in a hydrogen-powered car of course.

10 February 2020
From L-gas to H-gas. And then to green gas?

This is how we are tackling one of the largest projects in the German energy industry.

10 February 2020
Our style and how we deal with each other.

From the very first day with us, you will sense the corporate culture we have at OGE and how we practise it in everyday life. Open, together, determined.