Hydrogen — the super­molecule and basic building block of the energy system of the future

You might ask yourself, why have a Hydrogen Guide? We already have Siri, Alexa and sat navs. The reason is very simple: The OGE Hydrogen Guide can do more. He can take a look into the future for us.

Today, hydrogen transportation by pipeline is already state of the art in industry. As one of the leading gas infrastructure operators in Europe, we want to do our bit to promote the use of hydrogen in Germany. That is why we are working hard with our partners develop innovative hydrogen concepts and solutions while also pushing ahead with a number of projects.

The first film in our new series is about hydrogen and what makes the green supermolecule so interesting for energy systems. Today's gas infrastructure has enormous potential to efficiently move hydrogen over long distances and store it over long periods of time. That is something to build on – but see for yourself.