25 Feb 2021

Press release

OGE: eLearning training tool wins eLearning AWARD 2021

OGE and WEKA MEDIA GmbH & Co. KG have together won the eLearning AWARD 2021 in the Learning Motivation category with an online training programme on the Code of Conduct, prevailing against a number of international competitors.

In 2021, the jury of the eLearning Journal awarded the prize, which is highly coveted among industry experts, for the eleventh time. Over 300 entrants submitted their projects for the award – among them OGE and WEKA MEDIA. The annual award honours innovative projects with a showcase character, thus documenting the state of the art in the industry in various categories.

Old content taught in a new way

For OGE, compliance has long been an important topic and regular information and training of employees is therefore indispensable. The aim of the new online programme is to provide training that is fun for the participants, interactive, actively participatory and more realistic and work-related, thereby increasing motivation to learn.

In the form of a campaign, the OGE employees had the opportunity to look into various compliance-related topics over a several-week period in a wide variety of formats. After an introductory teaser and a hidden object picture, existing knowledge was activated in a "Who wants to be a millionaire?"-style quiz. This was followed by several smaller course units – known as nuggets – in the form of videos with interactions visualising everyday situations at OGE in a comic format. The campaign ended with a knowledge test which – unlike the nuggets – was mandatory for everyone.  

Benefits for the employee

The staggered way in which the nuggets are provided gives employees greater freedom in scheduling the individual units into their daily routines. Individuals already familiar with compliance-related issues will save time as only the final test is mandatory. 

An overview of the eLearning AWARD 2021 can be found on the eLearning Journal website